Monday, 12 January 2015

Paul & Joe Cream Parlour Lipglosses: Something You Don't Need But *Should* Have

Look at these beauties! 

Just look at them and try to hold back the urge of trying to grab them through the screen. Yes I know how you feel.

Paul & Joe has always been in my list of beauty brands that need special attention and craving. Their cat-shaped lipsticks are a dream for any cat lady/gentleman out there. Cats and lipsticks, no dream has ever been wilder and more ambitious, yet Paul & Joe has done it to leave us in awe. However, I try to avoid them as much as my willing power permits, not only because of the hefty price tag but who on earth is cruel enough to destroy that cat lipstick?!

That being said, though, during a massive ASOS sale 2 months back I think, these were unbelievably reduced. Originally priced at £18.00 each, Caramel Ribbon was down to £5.50 and Orange Pineapple £6.00 which was too good to be true. On top of that I also had a 20% off coupon marking them down to only £4.40 and £4.80. Talk about bargain! I believe they are currently out of stock but you can always take a peak here to grab them up as soon as they come back.

As you can very well see, they come in a squeeze tube which contains an enormous amount 17ml of product inside. I love the design from the box down to the very cap, they all have the iconic Paul & Joe flower that I find fun and sophisticated at the same time. There must be a reason apart from the product's quality that high-end brands are brave enough to charge a good amount of cash on these. 
  • Caramel Ribbon is a semi sheer brown shimmery gloss that can be worn on its own; the shimmer particles are very fine so it's not at all uncomfortable to wear. 
  • Orange Pineapple on the other hand is a sheer yet very creamy pastel orange/coral.
The smell of these is divine exactly what the names indicate. Both of them have a caramel-coloured vein and that's actually the gloss, not only something printed on the tube. I adore this! It looks like an ice-cream but minus the calories, ha!

I have worn these for quite several times now and each time I did, I love the feel of them on my lips, even the shimmery one. They're a teeny weeny bit tacky, but in the sense of clinging onto your lips, not making your hair stick onto them (as if my hair is that long). Averagely they last for about 3 hours and were moderately moisturising when worn. Orange Pineapple, being a pastel colour, does settle onto lip lines a bit but not too noticeable.

I simply adore these and cannot recommend them enough. For such lovely packaging, divine scent and beautiful formula, I think they should be present in everyone's makeup collection. There's one other colour in this collection: Strawberry Syrup that I'm having my eyes on...


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