Monday, 26 January 2015

Makeup Academy Undressed Baked Bronzer - Another Shimmery Bronzer?

Do I really need another shimmery bronzer? So, I already have like 3 shimmery bronzers in my makeup drawer yearning to be used but I just don't really feel them. For me, a great way to give dimension to my face is to use a contour powder (again, Illamasqua Powder Foundation in 230 is my product of choice since it's soft, blendable and has a slight gray tint to it which gives a very realistic look to the hollow of the cheeks) then a blush and highlighter. Sometimes I use a matte bronzer in conjunction with the contouring powder to warm my face up in case I use more gold/bronze tones on my eyelids, but shimmery bronzers?

Well, the answer to the question in the post title is always YES. I just can't help getting and trying out new products, especially since it has such beautiful marbleized finish. The Makeup Academy Undressed Baked Bronzer is one of the products that I simply cannot ignore, especially since it's only £3.00 for 10g of product. Talk about a bargain! But is it really worth trying out? 

Upon swirling my finger on the surface of the product it's soft and finely milled, hence when using a fluffy brush it may create quite a cloud of loose product but it's ok for me since I hate baked products that are almost impossible to pick up a fair amount to use. The best example I can give is the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in Lune d'Or which I have to use a sharp object to scrap the surface off into loose powder before using. This bronzer contains three distinct colors: a satin-slightly shimmery (without any obvious shimmer particles) peachy bronze, a chunkier shimmery golden bronze and a smooth shimmery white. Since the veining is too little the only way to use it is to swirl all colors together to reveal a soft shimmer peachy bronze. 

I like using this right above the contour shade as a blusher/bronzer hybrid to warm up and give a hint of summer glow to my face. I'd recommend using this on the cheeks and probably on the eyelids only since if used on the forehead and the perimeter of the face it may look too shimmery and artificial. Overall, fantastic product. I really like the white packaging too, it looks lovely and substantial enough to fight with everything else in my makeup bag.

In case you're wondering how to contour/bronze I do find this instruction quite helpful.


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