Welcome to Nicola Niche! Just so you know, my last name is not Niche (what a shocker!) - it onlt refer to a little niche of the sea that's called "The Internet", the niche that I can proudly claim to be mine; and my real name is not Nicola either, but I chose this name to be my professional identifier and then my name. I am honestly quite obsessed with names and have called myself too many different names to date: Luxor, Leilani, Athena, etc. you name it, I've got it. Now let's just pretend that I'm Nicola, ok? Thank you very much.

This blog was started in January 2015 as an outlet for my creative pulse. Here you can find various aspects of my life: adventures, beauty obsessions, office-mishaps to all kinds of life brattles.

I am also a confessed beauty addict, so every now and [not so much] then there are beauty products interfering our harmonious flow. There's a tab dedicated to this addiction - Beauty Finds - ready for your entertainment. To get to know me more personally just take a peak at Contact/FAQ section.

For now, I hope that you (and I know you're reading too, Mr. NN) are having a lovely day and a relaxing time having a look at my blog, and who knows, some giggles as well? xx


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