Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Online Shopping Misses And Sites That Totally Rock

Online shopping, ah, what a close-to-the-heart subject to me! Never before has shopping been easier, faster and more convenient. When I was younger whenever I wanted a pair of shoes (which happened too often since only one part of my body - feet - seemed to grow, the rest not so much) I had to go from shop to shop looking for something I liked and my purse would not cry. Those were the days! Being a frequent online shopper myself, however, I have accumulated a list of pet peeves that are engraved so deep in my heart I could start a petition to put a stop to them, or at least for brands/stores to consider:

  1. [International] Shipping charges that cost a fortune. I'm looking at you Illamasqua, I will never ditch out £9.00 to deliver a lipgloss. You and so many others: Cherry Culture, Coastal Scent, Beauty Joint etc. On a more positive note, sometimes it is flat rate so if you can spend, say, a large amount of dough for their product, congratulations, otherwise not so much.
  2. [Ridiculous idea of] International shipping aka America means North America & Canada, Australia, Europe means Britain, France, Germany and some bigger countries, Asia means China, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore. The country list may expand a bit but not too noticeable. That's not how any of this works!
  3. This product cannot be delivered to your country. Like, seriously, how is it "dangerous" to ship a NARS Contouring  Blush duo to Vietnam? I would be delighted to listen to your reasonings, but what the hell?! What makes it worse is unlike canned products (i.e dry shampoos or other sprays) and nail varnishes (which I still wonder why) which I already know that can hardly be shipped by air, most websites don't disclose in their shipping policy so the only way to find out is that you put some Benefit Ultra Plush lipglosses and NARS in your cart, overly excited that you are having a bargain of your life, go to check out only to realise that you can never ever get this beauty. Let's spare a moment of silent for our brothers and sisters deep in disappointment and anger.
  4. "Up to 70% off if you spend $1M" - well, not technically that much money but you know what I mean. The same with "Free standard shipping if you spend $xx". With all seriousness, how dare you put out such promotion when standard shipping should take around $10 considering how light makeup products generally are. The worst example I can think off is Sleek Makeup during their winter sale: spend $70 for free standard shipping while the shipment only costs $3 normally (!). And usually, that painfully eye-catching banner of such sale immediately grabs our attention, and to be honest, drives us madly into a shopping craze. However, most of the time, the products that have the biggest discount percents only are things / colours that nobody bothers to even look at, let alone purchase, and the number of choices is usually limited. The other things that we want have the teeniest tiniest percent of discount, but at the end of the day, they are still "up to" such enormous percent off. You're not wrong, you're just an a**hole (my years absorbing 9GAG jokes and thinking in memes finally pay off). 
  5. Unclear policies, poor customer service and long shipping time. Enough said.
So there you have it, my list of pet peeves that I encountered almost everytime I go shopping online, whether it's for makeup, books or clothes. That being said, though, below are some sites that I think totally rocks:
  • ASOS - a wide selection of clothes, makeup and accessories. Free worldwide delivery when £20 is spent, otherwise shipping charge is £3 - you know my addiction, people.
  • Look Fantastic - premium makeup and skin care, always free delivery with no minimum spend. I've just ordered a BECCA product from them and will update on the whole process soon. By the by they're hosting an "up to 50% off" but the selection is quite nice and diverse.
  • SpaceNK - über premium makeup and skin care, free worldwide shipping for your first order, otherwise £5.00 including VAT. They're having a massive sale even though most products are now sold out.
  • Sleek Makeup - lovely makeup products, $3 worldwide shipping. Overall nice place to shop except when they put out some laughable promotions.
  • Book Depository - always free worldwide delivery to most countries, wide selection of books at usually discounted prices.
* Disclaimer: All websites mentioned are for demonstrative purpose only. No ill-will, boycott or personal hatred involved.


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