Saturday, 10 January 2015

Recap: Best Things That Happened In 2014

As soon as I started writing this post, all my brain could generate was: "What?! 2014 left us already? Ungrateful b****!". However, 2014 brought so many lovely moments and discoveries that I cannot wait to do a full recap as a little reflection of what happened and what's in store for the new year.
  • In January I discovered Sherlock (the UK BBC series) that I watched all three seasons in only one week (!). Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman did a fantastic performance as Sherlock and Dr. Watson. I wish they didn't have Sherlock wear such tight button-down shirts, I got so uneasy seeing their struggle of not bursting at any unexpected moment. It may sound mean but I particularly enjoy seeing Sherlock being interpreted as having such a big ego and thinking that he's the best that's ever happened to this whole universe's popularity. It was tremendously entertaining to hear him "insulting" everyone else on their not making use all of their intelligence capability.
  • Vietnamese Lunar New Year! That, together with Christmas, are the two holidays that I most look forward to all year. Last year it was strangely cold from early November to the end of January, which is unheard of here in this country. The cold yet somewhat magical atmosphere contributed a great deal to the whole celebration spirit.
  • I acquired a lot of amazing makeup products which have already become my makeup bag staples. Let's take a moment to accept that these hyped-about products are totally worth it: theBalm Mary-lou Manizer, Too Faced Chocolate Bar, Lolita Lempicka perfume just to name a few. Many of them now I cannot part with, and I am even thinking about buying a back-up for my back-up, that quite explains how enormous my love for them is.
  • Predestination - best movie of the year! Even though there are coutless holes science wise, I highly appreciate the original idea and exceptional performance. Kudos for Sarah Snook as Jane/John Doe, I could almost feel her pain and destiny. Who could ever think about a human, fully physically and mentally stable, could just appear out of nowhere! [Spoiler alert] The idea of one having intercourse of oneself then giving birth to a child who is abducted and gets travelled back in time only to grow up to be the very person who will later give birth to oneself? I love this kind of "entertainment", so original and different from the mainstream media that brings you nothing but an hour or two of pure nonsense.
  • I had my first official (and succesful) makeup job ever: bridal makeup for my sister's wedding back in September. I fully enjoyed the process/hectic time, and also equally importantly - I had a chance to truly test some products and let them prove their true power.
  • Mr. NN and I have been together for officially over 3 years now. I never thought it would happen in the beginning but yes it did :)
Lots of misfortunes happened but 2014 was overall was enough a gentleman (if I may say so) to me and I am quite impatient to see what's going to happen this year. Will it be good? Will it be bad? Nobody can tell, but 2015 is a blank book so let's write a good story.


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