I hope you've been having a lovely time browsing my little adventures! Feel free to leave a comment and also follow me on the social media platforms linked on the top right of my blog, I read and try to reply to each of them within my power.

And here come a few things about me if you fancy knowing more about the person behind Nicola Niche:
  • I'm twenty-something but feel like either a kid or an old soul sometimes.
  • All the photographs are taken using my iPhone as I think it's the most portable device to capture all spontaneous moments.
  • I'm somewhat a perfectionist but most of my executions are far from perfect.
  • I have a "slight" addiction to makeup products (look at this packaging! I sooo need this highlighter! etc etc life goes on and so does my bank account) and all things Christmas-related. I once had my Christmas tree up for three months straight.
  • I'm a university graduate majored in English Linguistics & Literature but even until today I still have no idea how I got into such school, why I chose such major and how I managed to graduate with quite handsome GPA. That being said, though, I have a strong ambition to be a makeup artist (my first official job was bridal makeup for my sister) but currently managing the Product Research team for my company. What I do range from managing, researching, contributing to company's growth strategy, co-administrating our website to consulting our Design team. I do horribly in all aspects, I think (haha!).
  • Obsessively fond of makeup products and art but incredibly neglectful of skin and hair care.
  • Adore short-haired women and long-haired men but my fiancé/soon-to-be husband has really short hair. He once had it though.
  • I've been suffering from Borderline Disorder since I was 10 or something and OCD but I'm getting much better now.
  • Spending a little too much time browsing ASOS, I just can't get enough!
  • My favourite makeup brands are easily theBalm and Sleek, but a little Illamasqua doesn't hurt.
  • Having enormous love for all Jane Austen books especially Emma. My other very loved books are Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë, Girl With A Pearl Earring - Tracy Chevalier and Das Parfum - Patrick Süskind.
  • Desperately trying to acquire the British accent. Fancy...


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