Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Breaking The Habits: Makeup Edition

Not the Breaking The Habit you were looking for, eh? Admittedly I used to be a big fan of Linkin Park and of this song in particular, but now they don't really appeal to me anymore. Can we spare a moment to praise Insomnium's Shadow Of The Dying Sun please? My very loved songs are The Primeval Dark and While We Sleep. Now back to the topic, shall we?


I used to slap on any kind of foundation / tinted moisturizer (which I think is pretty much useless) / BB cream / powder without consideration. By consideration I mean whether they suit my skintone or skin type. I also used to be so obsessed with BB cream and my favourite was the Clio one (a Korean brand) that gave a very smooth and natural finish, yet really pink for my yellow skintone and had absolutely no power in the oil control department. Looking back I clearly had the much abhorred cake-face since I was obsessed with Revlon Colorstay foundation. Many declare it to be holy grail but I just find it so thick and heavy on.

Now I choose carefully before applying, and use much less product than before. Instead of slapping on tonnes of foundation and powder, I now use a very small amount (a pump or two for my whole face) to create an even base then use concealer to cover any blemishes / redness, wait for it to fully set then dust a light layer of mattifying powder to keep everything in place. The result is much more natural and healthy, not to mention too much products on the face are only a recipe for disaster (aka. the grease ball I never hope to encounter).


Colours all the way! My first palette was the Covergirl Tropical Fusion quad which includes a blue, a green, an orange and a yellow. Talk about wearbility, ha, not to mention I did not use any transition colours (oh the horror!). I did not use any base either, which can explain why my eyeshadow just slided off my lids.

Now I most often use a primer, then sometimes a long-lasting cream eyeshadow and then shadows. I now also understand the power of neutrals: they just go with everything!


How did I go on with my life all those years without a good exfoliator? I cannot understand how, and how I had such confidence to put all kind of lip colours on my flaky and chapped lips. I am glad that I've gone past that phase: I always wash my face, then use a damp towel to gently get rid of all the dead skin, then dry my lips and put on a little of lipbalm to keep my skin hydrated.


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