Monday, 19 January 2015

*Shortness Of Breath In Men* On The Go: theBalm Smoke Balm

Nobody in their right mind can understand my quest of finding the perfect travel eyeshadow palette that fulfills all my needs: compact, portable, sturdy, durable, has a mirror, can create a complete look (highlight, transition and accent colors) and multitasking. Such quest has temporarily come to an end now with theBalm Smoke Balm eyeshadow trio since it ticks all boxes.

It's incredibly tiny (one centimeter more to be the same length as my iPhone 4s, and only 4/5 of the width) yet packs a punch with 10.2g of product, so 3.4g for each shade. 
  • Combust/Charbonneux: a super shimmery champagne that leans towards yellow. The color payoff is similar to Mary-lou Manizer but more powdery and yellow.
  • Glow/Rayonnant: a gray-toned medium brown, super smooth to the touch yet powdery and kicks off a lot of product if picked up by a fluffy brush. On the bright side, it blends seamlessly onto the skin and can be easily built up.
  • Kindle/S'embraser: another gray-toned deep forest green with light-medium shimmer level, smooth and easy to use.

This trio is super cute with it quirky pin up packaging "Warning: may cause shortness of breath in men" and the ease of use: most of the time I happen to pack one too many eyeshadow palettes that makes choosing which shade(s) to use almost impossible. With this I know well I don't have many choices (ha!) but it's in fact super convenient as I know the three shades work well with each other and create a simple somewhat neutral smokey look since the green looks more grayish black on the lids. They also help me save so much space and that packing hassle since I can use Combust also as a browbone/cheekbone highlighter and Glow (what? It's a matte brown, nothing glowy here) as a contour shade to sculpt out my facial structure. All in all, fantastic little treat.

It is retailed for £11.50 currently on ASOS, Kohls and Feel Unique with two variations available (the other one is a more classic combination of champagne, brown and black)


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